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Blue California Flavors and Fragrances (now Sensegen) Launches Clean, Natural, and Sustainable Nerolidol

Blue California Flavors and Fragrances Launches Natural and Sustainable Nerolidol

Blue California announced the expansion of its natural flavor and fragrance portfolio of captive ingredients by producing a clean, sustainable nerolidol.


Nerolidol is a rare sesquiterpene alcohol ubiquitous in nature and found in many flowers and plants, particularly in Seville orange flower, also known as Neroli, which gives the aroma chemical its name.

It is recognized for its floral, woody aroma and can also be described as a fresh scent, blending well with citrus, apple, or rose but light enough to complement any type of scent or flavor. Nerolidol is therefore ideal for use in many applications and known for its relaxing effects.

Many brands looking to make products at a large scale using nerolidol find it to be cost-prohibitive and, for that reason, it hasn't been widely used in modern-day product applications.

Yet, consumers seek clean-label fragrance products that are easy on the planet and fit into the clean and conscious fragrance and beauty movement. The Innova Beauty & Personal Care Survey 2020 notes that 51% of global consumers indicate that natural ingredients are very or extremely important to them when purchasing fragrances.

Kathy Oglesby, chief value creation officer at Sensegen

"Biotechnology is opening doors to sustainable ingredients that weren't previously possible," said Kathy Oglesby, head of flavors and fragrances at Blue California. "Our collaboration with innovation partner Conagen provides efficient and effective commercialization, leading us to deliver to our client-creators a full range of captive ingredients, trademarked Plantarôme,™ for use in our flavors and fragrances."

Kathy Oglesby, chief value creation officer at Sensegen

Nerolidol is first in a full range of natural ingredients in the 2022 pipeline of Blue California's Taste, Smell, and Beauty Division. Conagen develops one of the most high-yielding fermentation platforms for producing sesquiterpenes and lactones.

With its functional advantages in many industries due to its moderate polarity and optical activity, nerolidol is also a useful, sustainable fine chemical intermediate.

Kathy Oglesby, chief value creation officer at Sensegen

"Nerolidol is a foundational material with many uses in many markets. Plantarôme™ S is a sandalwood type material, and Plantarôme™ M, which is a natural musk, are both creating a lot of excitement in the marketplace," said Oglesby.

Kathy Oglesby, chief value creation officer at Sensegen

Until now, synthetic musk was primarily used in the fragrance industry because traditional musk sources were wild plants, too rare to be useful, or wild animals, like musk deer and civet cats, too endangered to be ethical. Conagen and Blue California have teamed together to develop a modern, one-of-a-kind, natural, domestic plant-derived musk that is safe, versatile, and biodegradable.

"The launch of nerolidol is symbolic of the collaboration between Blue California and Conagen as we advance in the markets we can serve," said Casey Lippmeier, Ph.D. vice president of innovation at Conagen. "Together, we are revolutionizing the flavor and fragrance ingredient industry with our disruptive capabilities for producing clean, sustainable solutions and product applications."

Casey Lippmeier, Ph.D., vice president of innovation at Conagen

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