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Sensegen exhibits at IFT novel "Flagrance" approach to natural flavors

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Southern California’s taste, smell, and beauty innovator, Sensegen, announced it will exhibit at the 2022 IFT in Chicago July 11-13 at the Blue California booth S1668. Visitors to the booth can expect to experience and understand the new way forward with Sensegen’s “Flagrance” approach to natural flavors for food and beverages. A churro lip balm will highlight the California Collection, flavors inspired by adventure, and road trips in the Golden State.

Sensegen’s flavorist, A.J. Kamimura, will be available to answer technical questions about how brands can achieve exciting new flavors while adopting a natural approach.

 “The Sensegen IFT team is very excited to discuss and demonstrate our novel Flagrance approach to flavor formulation,” said A.J. Kamimura, flavorist at Sensegen. “With leveraging biology today, a whole new world for creativity and exploration of completely new flavors and reimagining classics can be achieved through flavorists and perfumers sharing palettes for an innovative direction and re-invention of flavor perception.”

IFT bannerWhat to experience: Starbucks coffee with Sensegen Natural Flavors of Salted Caramel and Mocha Peppermint.  A “Zenergy” energy drink with Sensegen’s Natural Flavor berry flavors. Churro flavored lip balm demonstrating the California Collection.

Interested parties and media members inquiring about the natural fragrance survey can stop by Blue California booth S1668 or contact Sensegen. Sensegen is a division of Blue California ingredients.

About Sensegen

Sensegen™, is the science of good sense. We’ve got nature down to a science and create the perfect sense.  

As a division of Blue California Ingredients, our innovative taste, smell, and creative beauty center is dedicated solely to delivering plant-based, natural, and sustainable solutions. Our diverse team of experts collaborate with advanced bio-techniques and collaborate as a team to provide unique consumer-validated ingredients.

At Sensegen™, we’ve pioneered a way of formulating nature without compromise or harm, providing one-of-a-kind solutions for Taste, Smell, and Beauty.