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About Us

Sense. It is the root of our name.

And good sense drives everything we do. With Nature as our guiding force, we create the Perfect Sense.

Our Five Senses

Taste. Touch. Smell. Sight. And hearing.

Our 5 senses inform and inspire us. Help us understand and navigate the world around us. They influence our mood, our emotions, our behavior and our decisions. Trigger our memories. Tell us about danger. And delight. Pain. And pleasure. They are powerful forces that when stimulated can enhance and alter our lives, our health and our well-being. And by stimulating all of our senses, we become better beings.

And so, we are dedicated to designing flavors and fragrances that ignite our Senses through Taste, Smell and Beauty.

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Our Sensual Science

Now, The Way Forward™ is Natural and Sustainable. We know that biological design brings us closer to the natural world. And it just makes sense to follow Nature’s way.

Our Biosynthesis Technology

We engineer molecules that mimic Nature’s own while avoiding or minimizing environmental impacts such as carbon and water footprints, deforestation, and resource depletion.

Our Palette for the Planet™

Our talented and professional team of creators, formulators and other scientists create with a wide spectrum of innovative captive ingredients limited only by the imagination and Nature.

Our Molecular Precision

Our approach ensures that we are targeted and selective. Every component is carefully considered and we use only what is needed to assure that our ingredients uphold integrity, purity, health and safety requirements without waste.

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Our Super Senses

Besides the “big 5”, our senses go beyond the physiological to the phenomenal.

More recent studies of neuroscience reveal that we actually have at least 33 senses that help us understand where we are, what we do, and the world that surrounds us.


Like Balance. Our Sense of Self. To thrive we need a Sense of Purpose. Our Senses of Fairness, Integrity and Right and Wrong. Of Belonging. Of Loyalty. Our Sense of Community and Compassion. And Commitment. All of these add immense richness to our lives. Our Sense of Wonder and Originality compel us to from time to time to take leave of our senses. To question things that no longer make sense.

We are forever compelled by a Sense of Optimism for a future that is greener, cleaner, safer, more just, and more humane.


Our Sense Of Place

Sensegen hails from Southern California giving us a deep connection and reverence for nature. And a passion for innovation.

Our Sense of Collaboration

Our Flavors, Fragrances, and ingredient solutions are co-created. We listen to our experts' and our partners’ needs. We reflect and listen again, seeking solutions within our vertically integrated innovation ecosystem. And then we go the extra mile. We design and tailor each customized solution for our customers.

Our Sense of Quality

From ingredient discovery to customer solutions, full control of our supply chain enables us to reliably and consistently make unique, delightful, clean, safe, natural and sustainable products.

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Our Sense of Responsibility

We have a Sense of Responsibility to care for our planet. And all those who inhabit it. We listen to our conscience when working with raw materials. Our biotech advances enable us to scale up ingredients while maintaining a sustainability profile.

Our Sense of Conscience

We listen to it when working with raw materials. We offer transparency, versatility, and consistency in supply so that our customers can innovate with confidence. Simply put, our solutions are designed to tread more lightly on the planet than traditional products. In conservation of planet and people, they add huge value to the world we share.

Our Sense of Well-Being

Ingredients within Taste, Smell, and beauty products impact our senses in profound and powerful ways to promote happiness and calm in the storm of modern life. We believe that by making biodesigned ingredients widely available, more people can partake in their pleasures.

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Finally, Our Sense of Equality

The ability to maintain an ecological balance is undeniably and critically important. But we must also widen our focus not just to the environment but to the social and economic imperatives.

It’s time to move from aspiration to access. We need to make beauty, health, wellness and sustainability accessible to everyone, not a luxury for just the privileged few. We need to shift from looking inward to looking outward. At Sensegen, we believe that equality matters. And so, we are re-inventing our approach to creating and developing ingredients not just to be more sustainable - but to be more ethical and more just.

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At Sensegen, we value all these senses and have created The Science of Good Sense. We believe that to lose sight of these amazing abilities simply makes No Sense.