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Taste Sensegen

Making Sense of Taste

We're the flavor creators, so why are we talking about taste? Because the science of taste is truly amazing. Until recently, “flavor” was used to mean aromatics and “taste” was reserved exclusively for the sensations arising from specialized taste cells in the mouth. But we all know that everything tastes different when you can’t smell! Over the past few years, science has made huge strides in understanding the symphony between taste and smell. Taste is actually a chain reaction that starts in your nose, moves on to the tongue, races through our taste buds, on to our brains for enjoyment and ends in a retro nasal crescendo of aromatics on swallowing. Our orchestra of taste and smell is conducted daily by Flavorists and Application Specialists. Sensegen is creating taste solutions using our flavors and clean ingredients, which are 100% natural and sustainable.

The result: A taste world designed to satisfy the most diverse and discerning palates.

Natural and Sustainable Custom Creations

Today, consumers increasingly demand authentic, health and wellness products developed with more clean and natural ingredients they can feel good about buying. That’s why we formulate our products differently.

With Nature as our mother of invention, we deliver better-for-you products with people and the planet in mind. It’s our natural sense of balance. Our experienced team is laser-focused on designing and creating your ideal natural and sustainable flavors for food, beverages, and more. We work to maximize our toolbox within our innovative ecosystem, offering: botanicals, clinically backed functional ingredients, encapsulation, taste modulation, sweeteners, and more.


We provide our customers with a full range of tonalities, enhancers and taste modifiers such as bitter blockers for applications ranging from classic or nutritional beverages to other plant-based products. We excel in the truest -to-fruit to the wildest fantasy flavors. We offer a full range of gourmand, unique, culturally rich, or pure classic flavors. Our flexible business model offers turnkey solutions, modular flavor sets, and a range of concentrated flavor keys to give formulators the level of service and creative freedom they desire. All of our flavors are 100% natural (US or EU), sustainable and Non-GMO. Finally, because Nature demands respect and protection, we use our low environmental impact, biotech-based palette and leverage our vertically integrated supply chain to deliver these solutions to you. We offer custom-tailored solutions, full service and supply chain stability. Every solution is executed efficiently, proficiently and with full transparency.

Hands Taste


There’s nothing we love more.

Choose from turnkey solutions or a full suite of tools to satisfy your creative and service needs. Collaborate with us to craft your new flavor or improve your existing lineup. From concept to customer validation, we strive to create your perfect solution. In-stock Flavors: Exotic, Red Fruit, Brown, and Pulpy.

Clean. Authentic. Natural. Sustainable. Non-GMO.



Our applications team understands your concepts and maximizes product appeal!

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