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Smell Sensegen

Making Sense of Smell

Fragrance innovations by our fragrance creators focus on the science of good sense and deliver a responsible and respectful way forward from synthetics to natural and sustainable. We call them the New Natural Fragrances. Smell is the only sense that is fully developed when we are born. Before we can see, we can smell. Naturally then, we learn to smell in color. Smells are processed by the limbic system, wherein also lies memory, mood, and emotion. Smells are powerful. They conjure up childhood. Vacations. Falling in love. A first kiss. Does hope smell like freshly roasted coffee in the morning? Or the fresh, sweet scent of spring – green and new? Musk can be exciting or comforting.

Our sense of smell is so amazingly acute, we can detect trillions of aromas.

We create fragrance

Fragrances are humanity’s homage to Nature, yet little Nature is found in them today. Sensegen’s aromatic excellence, creativity and respect for Nature drives us to re-invent fragrances to bring them back to Nature.

Sensegen's team of classically trained perfumers has access to a steady, growing supply of clean, natural, ingredients. Our innovation ecosystem marries fragrance expertise and biotechnology excellence producing a powerful synergy, enabling us to tackle the greatest unmet needs of the industry. We are shifting fragrance into a more sustainable solution to build the future of smell. Today’s market is dominated by relics from the age of chemistry - synthetic fragrances that have been super-designed for super-performance and low cost primarily from petroleum products.

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We harness our proprietary technology and unique, clean, natural captive ingredients to make modern, sustainable fragrances for both classic fine fragrances and more cost-sensitive home, fabric, and personal care product applications. Engaged, sustainably-minded consumers expect brands to lead the way in creating more sustainable and equitable products. We help you embrace their wishes in every aspect of scent, from formulation to finishing flourish.

Let us create the scent for your product.

Sensegen Is The Way Forward™

See how we are making it easier for the fragrance industry to adopt a natural position.

Biotechnology is the breakthrough to the new era of developing fragrance experiences. Producing increasingly larger amounts of natural ingredients without depleting fields, taking species to the limit of extinction, or simply leaving them at the mercy of the elements creates truly new opportunities and makes the impossible possible. Finally, our discovery and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities are transparent, cost-effective, highly scalable without the negative impacts of petroleum-based starting materials. Together, we’ll revolutionize your fragrance from synthetic to natural, design a new fragrance, or re-imagine your existing product. Inspired by nature, our custom scent solutions will elevate the senses for fine-fragrance, home, and personal care. We're also not making things from rose petals. But we are using biology the same way that roses do. Except, instead of using the whole plant, we use micro-organisms. We like to think of them as cell factories. It's that simple.

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Our applications team understands your concepts and maximizes product appeal.

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