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The Sensual Science

Nature does nothing in vain.

So said Aristotle.

Nature Down to a Science

At Sensegen, we believe Nature is truly the mother of invention.

We see Nature not simply as a resource for raw materials…but as a creator, innovator, originator, instigator and mastermind. An engineer of extraordinary achievements. It is not by accident that Nature transforms mere water, soil and sunlight into an array of complex substances staggering in their sophistication and superiority. It is by brilliance, instinct, intelligence and ingenious design.

We believe that the future of natural and sustainable flavors and fragrances lies within biotechnology – whose robustness in plant-based, biodesign opens endless avenues of innovation. Without depleting fields, taking species to extinction or leaving them to the mercy of the elements. Biology is the core of everything we do. That means that we use living organisms and enzymes to make our innovative ingredients – just like nature does. When you start out with this point of view, and deep sense of respect, you naturally formulate differently for Taste, Smell and Beauty.

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“I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.”

- Steve Jobs

Built by Biology

What can we do by mimicking a plant’s natural activities, by using enzymes that a plant produces? What can we do by replicating a plant’s biosynthesis? Things we either couldn’t do before, or couldn’t do cost effectively, at scale. Using a lot less water than the plant. A lot less land. And a close to zero carbon footprint. That surely is a feat of modern science.

This is just what our biosynthetic technology does.

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Our proprietary biosynthesis platform develops a fundamental understanding of natural sources, forging a deep and enduring connection between nature and science. Through our collaborations with scientists at the forefront of biotechnology innovation such as Conagen, we are able to leverage plant sources through our proprietary biosynthetic platform. Biosynthesis offers us a wealth of cost-effective solutions for extending and ensuring the quality and supply of natural products while reducing the environmental footprint of all ingredients. That said, biosynthesis in our markets is still a nascent opportunity. Its advances make it possible to bring to market these wonderful ingredients, thus our proprietary formulations, at a price that represents quality and value. That is no small feat. It requires a village of expertise, capabilities and capacity that, until now, many stakeholders have yet to master.

At Sensegen, in partnership with Conagen, we have that mastery and capacity to scale.

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Together with our Flavorists, Perfumers, and Cosmetic Experts, we have the creative knowledge and prowess to develop our proprietary Palette for the Planet™. As upstream capabilities, they give us a powerful edge through identification, design and screening to help develop our natural captive ingredient portfolio. This approach gets us to market faster with better and more innovative products made competitively and sustainably. Our biosynthesis solutions are “cleaner” because they contain zero petroleum products, neither pesticides nor herbicides, no heavy metals and no plastic residues. With all these advantages, biosynthesis is the future of natural Taste, Smell and Beauty ingredients for every formulator’s toolkit.

“We don’t try to match a material’s composition – we try to match its performance.”

Palette for the Planet™

Biosynthesis and biomanufacturing are advancing the ways natural products are manufactured. Molecule-per-molecule precision allows for customization and possibilities naturals could not offer in the past. Natural fragrances were once limited by the physical combination and re-combination of essential oils, absolutes and oleoresins. Now they can be constructed in much the way as today’s high performance synthetic fragrances but are made better with our natural and sustainable natural ingredients. Biosynthesis makes that possible.

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Not only does biosynthesis increase our creative options, it offers us a wealth of cost-effective solutions for extending and ensuring the quality and supply of natural products. Biosynthesis enables this and, at the same time, a significant reduction in the environmental footprint of all ingredients. Every possible environmental footprint reduction matters to achieve the end goal: for the planet we live on, for our children, and the children of our children.

Consistency. Quality. Scale. Sustainability.

Molecular Precision

What’s not in something is just as important as what is. That fundamental truth is underscored every time we read the news. Natural formulations are good examples. They tend to be very complex in composition even if there are only a few essential oils or extracts which have large environmental impacts. PP In reality, not every natural substance is good for you or for the planet. Many components in plants are there to protect the plant itself and to humans they are allergens, irritants and skin sensitizers. Modern agriculture contributes pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. And with tastes and smells, not every component is vital to the overall impact. At Sensegen, the Bauhaus design principle of of “Less is more” is embedded in how we formulate. That means every component in our compositions is carefully considered, has a purpose and a reason for being there. Just because a natural flavor from a given plant might include some 200+ components doesn’t mean all of them are needed – or wanted – to produce it’s well loved taste. Our process enables us to be highly targeted and selective. We can enhance desirable and avoid unwanted, unnecessary substances to create a cleaner, purer, more precise ingredients.

We call this Molecular Precision.

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Plantarôme™ Captive Ingredient Collection

Plantarome™ is our 100% sustainable, plant-based clean line of captive materials. They are produced using natural enzymatic reactions and is a powerful tool for Molecular Precision – making this Collection one-of-a-kind.

  • (M) Musk
  • (C) Capsaicin
  • (N) Naturalizer
  • (S) Sandalwood
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