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No sense.
Perfect sense
Perfect sense.

The pandemic precipitated a perfect storm of the apparent fragility of ecosystems and supply chains, the critical importance of what we cannot see in ingredients and the power of consumer education. The silver lining is intense consumer interest and curiosity in natural and sustainable ingredients.

The upheaval caused by the pandemic and fears about the climate changing are prompting brands and businesses to do a major reset. Sensegen is here to support your business and product development with this change.

Protecting the environment has been elevated from a nice-to-have to a must-have. We all need to move with the moment. That means considering every aspect of our businesses in new and responsible ways. From ingredient sourcing to product design and development to manufacturing and supply chain.

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We need to shift our focus from simply doing less harm to doing more good.

At Sensegen, we are continually striving to democratize quality and sustainable practices that minimize our environmental footprint to help build a better world. At the heart of our initiatives are collaboration, adaptation and integration. Using Biosynthesis, we are able to produce in pure forms and simple mixtures the valuable molecules that are either too difficult or too rare or too wasteful to extract from Nature. And to do it in a way that will not damage the planet. This technology offers cost-effective solutions for extending and ensuring the quality and supply of agricultural products. And it reduces the environmental footprint of all ingredients, considering carbon, water and land, by more than 90% compared to the manufacturing methods most commonly used today.

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We offer transparency, versatility, and consistency in supply so that our customers can innovate with confidence. And you can trust that approach is genuine - not greenwashed.