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The science of good sense.

Reinventing Taste, Smell and Beauty since 2020.

As a company, we may be young in years. But as creators: Flavorists, Perfumers and Innovators, we have the passion and creative mojo to make extraordinary things happen.


It was late in 2020. The height of the pandemic. We came together as a band of strangers to form a new company. A global melting pot of creatives, scientists and market experts with cultural roots in America, Japan, Mexico, France, Germany, China, and The Philippines.

While many have clung to the security of tradition, we committed ourselves and our actions to “The Way Forward™.” Our team has sought to separate itself from the past, to be an alternative resource, the avant-garde who offers bold new innovative technologies, thought leadership, collaboration, and action.

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Experienced and passionate. We are dedicated to collaborate and support your product vision, from concept to completion. Our boutique custom approach allows our business partnerships to blossom as we ensure successful delivery of quality results. Whether you are starting from the beginning or expanding an existing brand, our collaborative approach is designed to help find innovative solutions together.

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Albert Einstein captured time well in his theory of relativity. We understand the need to move efficiently in today’s market and pride ourselves in project communication and coordination with our customer partnerships, projecting concise and rapid turnaround times on product development and sampling. We also understand that rapid discovery in biotechnology occurs in months, not days. We use the powers of biotechnology to create the next generation of rare, sometimes threatened, cutting-edge Taste, Smell and Beauty ingredients that are often hard to source. Let our experts find the right solution for you and reduce your development time.

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Come visit our innovation hub in sunny, southern California or any of our expanding network of satellite development centers where we welcome you to work with our local team of experts to develop your product on site, in real time. We can also work in your creative center or partner with you virtually. Our teams of experts travel around the globe working with clients to develop new products and provide technical service support for new brands, new launches and post-sales manufacturing. We offer in-hub:

  • Co-creations
  • Taste, Smell & Beauty formulations
  • Product Applications
  • Sensory & Consumer Science Support
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Consumer & Trend Research


Our mission is to put the high quality in equality. We believe that it’s time to make superior, sustainable ingredients widely available and affordable so that more people can partake in their pleasures while preserving the planet. Leading to a better, more inclusive future.

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Common sense.

Sensegen is The Science of Good Sense.

We are part of the revolution to create sustainable ingredients that are better for people and the planet. Keep up with us!