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The Science of Good Sense

At Sensegen, we have a sixth sense about the future of Flavors and Fragrances for Taste, Smell, & Beauty.


And to meet the moment, we’re pioneering 100% plant-based, planet-and-people-positive biotech to create ingredients that are healthier, more pleasurable, more sustainable and more accessible for everyone. With them, we are painting a brighter, cleaner future for your consumer products. To us, that makes Perfect Sense.

We call it The Palette for the Planet™.

The Sensual Science

What’s all the buzz about biotech?

It’s only the hottest – or shall we say the coolest – tool on the planet for designing new or renovating products. Sensible. Safe. Sustainable. Scalable. Biology is at the core of everything we do. Just like nature, we start with living organisms and enzymes. In nature, it’s how plants do chemistry - biosynthesis. At Sensegen, we use biosynthesis to unlock a plant’s full potential to create our ingredients. In this sense, we are replicating nature without compromising on taste or smell, while shrinking environmental impact. Then, we create winning Flavors and Fragrances for your consumers.

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Follow nature’s way

Doing what makes sense for the world.

Imagine a world where clean, healthy, good quality ingredients are abundant, available, accessible and affordable and our environmental footprint is reduced by more than 90%. At Sensegen, we’re not just imagining a more just, more sustainable world, we’re working with our partners to help design it.

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Our experts craft delicious flavors with 100% natural, sustainable, and clean ingredients. With our vast experience with major brands, we formulate for you and your supply chain. So whether you are flavoring a watery, hard seltzer, a relaxing functional snack mix, plant-based analogue or a classic dairy product, our Palette for the Planet™ lets us paint the most delicious taste for your palate and solution that fits your system.

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Using Biotech, Molecular Precision and know-how, we can reproduce the most complex and subtle scent notes without sacrificing acres of farmland or thousands of precious petals – many of which are in short supply due to over-indulgence, crop failures, natural disasters and an unstable climate. Discover the cleanest, most natural and sustainable aromas for fine fragrance, personal care, fabric, and home care products.

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Clean Beauty is not just a matter of using quality, ethically sourced raw materials and providing ingredient transparency. It’s also about health, safety, fewer allergens and microplastics, greater biodegradability, and avoiding the unnecessary. People want to know what’s in their products – and why. And that’s the beauty of our Molecular Precision Technology. We select only the best – and avoid the rest.

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Our Sense of Responsibility

We are proud to say we are the only West Coast, biotech-based ingredient business that is 100% focused on natural, sustainable, non-GMO, plant-based flavors and fragrances.

Additionally, our environmental stewardship delivers ingredients that are: Plant-Based. Clean. Zero. Petroleum. And through our Molecular Precision, our Tastes and Smells have superior Environmental Footprints. To do anything less, simply makes No Sense. So at Sensegen, we create the Perfect Sense.

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