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Beauty Sensegen

The future of clean beauty

Making Sense in Beauty

Clean beauty is, without a doubt, the fastest and most wanted category of care. Consumers want to know what’s in their products - and why. This includes being aware of and using ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials, thereby raising the standards of products for sale. What’s not in their products is equally or more important. Natural formulations are good examples. In reality, not every natural substance is good for you or for the planet. Many components in plants are there to protect the growing plant. To humans, they can be allergens, irritants and skin sensitizers. Modern agriculture contributes pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Consumers want clean, safe ingredients. And to feel good about buying beauty products and their impact on planet and people.


It’s imperative that brands become more transparent about the ingredients in their products and more responsible about the claims they make about their products and packaging. This has created a vibrant and growing demand for natural and sustainable ingredients. Sensegen is taking the clean beauty roadmap forward and reimagining pure ingredients from Nature that can be enjoyed and widely embraced by people around the world. We are developing sustainable ingredients designed for brands to adopt a more natural profile. Our goal is to deliver sustainable options to people and the planet, including responsible, traceable source raw ingredients, formulation to scalable, sustainable manufacturing best practices.

Stay tuned as we engage with the movement and create for the future of clean beauty.


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